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Those who have visited Africa will be aware of the rich diversity of life there with over 1100 mammal species, 2600 species of birds, over 3000 different species of fish and 100,000 different types of insect. www.africa-animals.com has been created by a group of volunteers who spend part of each year in Africa and is designed to bring news, photographs, information and even live webcams of its animal population to a wider audience not least to encourage preservation as some of its wildlife is or is becoming endangered especially the Black Rhino that is now near extinction.

These LIVE webcams are one of the most popular features of this site whereby you can sit back and watch Africa animals in their natural habitats from watering holes to rivers and the savannahs. We also partner with animal welfare organisations to bring you 'Adopt an Animal' gift packs so you can contribute towards the wellbeing and habitats of these African animals as well as daily updated news about the animals species from across the continent and information about each of the animals found in Africa! Should you wnat to contact us, please do so through our social media page to get the quickest response.

Some of our most popular content:

Animals of Africa Information

Find out all about the main animals of
Africa with our comprehensive Africa
animals information pages.

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Africa Animals Webcams

Watch LIVE webcams from across
Africa and see Africa animals
in their natural environments.

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Adopt an African Animal

Help keep animals in Africa safe by
adopting an African animal and
promoting their welfare and habitats.

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Africa Animal Resources

A growing collection of Africa resources
from the best Africa animals books to
free animations and graphics.

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